Klubbens adresse:

Sundby Tennisklub, Englandsvej 61, 2300 København S

Organisation og drift:

Bestyrelsen: st.bestyrelsen@gmail.com
Kassereren: st.bestyrelsen@gmail.com
Seniorudvalget: st.seniorudvalg@gmail.com
Juniorudvalget: st.juniorudvalg@gmail.com
Husudvalget: st.husudvalg@gmail.com

Foreign or non-Danish speaking members of Sundby Tennisklub:

For all our foreign or non-danish speaking members or friends of Sundby Tennisklub, we have provided a machine translation service to our webpage. We do apologize for any inconvenience translational errors may cause, but do reach out to us, if something doesn’t make any sense.

You may swap between languages using the “language icon” placed in the bottom right corner of the webpage.