Tennis and burgers Saturday, 8:08 p.m.

Dear senior members,

The city's best tennis burger bar for the club's seniors (you must be over 18 years young) opens on 22.8.2020 at 15. You are allowed to show up later, but registration is required.

Last chance this season to meet new and old members and play tennis across tennis experience, gender and age. Good mood, charm and clean socks are a matter of course.

For the not so tennis hungry, the city's best burgers and sausages will be served all afternoon/evening, along with cold beer, wine and soft drinks (And hand alcohol) all along at libitum as long as it doesn't sell out. And hopefully it doesn't cost a Corona, but only 70 dkr.

The following can be ordered from the Grill menu:

  1. ACE burger a classic for the discerning
  2. DoubleFejlt burger for the hungry
  3. MixedDouble burger combined with a sausage
  4. DenVarUde burger for vegetarian
  5. AnnaKournikova burger looks better than it tastes
  6. Nadalbiceps sausage for those with a strong stomach
  7. Matchball sausage for dessert
  8. GrandSlam snacks, fruits and sweets


It will quickly sell out for this year's biggest social club event so hurry up and sign up by 20.8. either by writing on the registration form at the door of the clubhouse or by email to the house committee:

Registration is binding and 70 dkr. paid when you show up.


Well met.


House Committee