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What activities are there in Sundby Tennis Club during the season?

There will be a number of friendly tournaments throughout the season, details to follow.


Course booking

Once you have paid the fee you can book courses with other members for the rest of the season. If you want a play with a non-member, the price for this is 50kr. You can book one hour at a time. You can read more about course booking here.


Here youwould liketoask about the board of the Sundby Tennis Klub


What is it of activities for juniors?

The junior department at Sundby Tennis Klub is fully clothed!

The junior committee is responsible for arranging both summer and winter training as well as a whole range of activities during the season. If you would like to hear more, you are very welcome to contact the junior committee at st.juniorudvalg@gmail.com or Junio Committee Chairman Arno Erindlev at: arnoerindlev@hotmail.com

Partner exchange

How do I find new partners at the club?

The partner exchange is for you who would like to find one or more partners to play with. The partner exchange is leveled, so you have the best conditions to find a partner at an appropriate level. You sign up for the partner exchange at the halbooking site on the 'partner exchange'tab. (You must be logged in to your profile on the halbooking site for the tab to be visible.)


How much does a membership in Sundby Tennis Club cost?

See the different prices and fees on the ' Join 'page

How do I become a member of sundby tennis club?

Read the instruction you will find on our booking page under the menu on the right side, 'How to buy a membership' (opens in new window).

How do I book a course as a member of sundby tennis club?

You book courses on our booking page under the top menu 'Bane booking' (opens in new window). Through the page you can:

  • See day and week map overview of map occupancy with marking own runway hours
  • Reserve a desired course hour
  • Cancel a reservation
  • See who booked a busy course hour
  • Change information on your member profile, e.g. PIN or email address

Privacy Policy

Does Sundby Tennis Club have a privacy policy?

Yes, you can read sundby Tennis Club's Privacy Policy here

Senior Committee

What does the senior committee stand for?

The Senior Committee is responsible for the following:

  • Creates the framework for players at different levels to participate in team matches and is in charge of contact with the team captains and with the Copenhagen Tennis Union and Tennis East.
  • Creates the framework for the club's senior training offer.
  • Organises club championships and green-track championships (club championship on artificial grass)
  • Creates various social events for the benefit of all the club members.

The work of the Senior Committee is based on voluntary commitment. The committee currently consists of Søren Madsen, Henrik Støckel and Joachim Jepsen. You are very welcome to contact us at: st.seniorudvalg@gmail.com

Start of the season

The season officially starts with the stand hoist, which takes place last Saturday in April/first Saturday in May, and the season ends for the gravel tracks in mid-October depending on the weather.

If there is no snow, ice or water, you can play on the artificial turf (the green artificial turf courts) throughout the year.


You can read more about our training offer here.



Where do I find Sundby Tennis Club's statutes?

Read the club's articles of association here

Opening hours

The club is open from 7-21 pm throughout the season.