Speech by Stinus Jeppesen

Second opening on waiting list complete

Dear Everyone, We have now opened for 100 new senior members at the club and are at the same time creating a new initiative with beginner/welcome training for new as well as old members of the club. We reckon this will get started already here soon and the point is that it's going to run all winter then [...]

First opening on waiting list complete

Dear All, we have now opened for the first time on the waiting list and offered the first about 50 seniors on the membership list. If not everyone signs up, maybe a little more can be let in before we hit the set cap of 400 seniors at the club. Everyone who signed up for the waiting list in January and February 2021 is [...]

New system for the waiting list and booking system

Dear Everyone, We are pleased to present the latest version of the system Halbooking called Newlook (See here) There have been many challenges this spring due to improper guest games in the club. One can hardly blame our otherwise very welcome guests for this, since the old system could not handle it, but it can [...]